Bad breath can be a symptom of some disease

Halitosis is a disease that generates a bad smell in the mouth, there is still the myth that bad breath comes from the stomach, but there are many and diverse causes, the main one is the lack of oral hygiene.

Institute specialists indicate that if oral hygiene habits are adequate and the problem of bad breath persists, halitosis may be caused by conditions such as sinusitis, cryptic tonsillitis, lung infections, diverticulum in the esophagus, reflux, gastritis, hormonal changes, problems in the liver or kidneys, as well as poor diet, ingestion of medications such as antihistamines and antidepressants; It should be noted that smoking and alcoholism also generate it.

The main symptom of halitosis by nature is bad breath, on few occasions people dare to point it out to the sufferer and for himself it is difficult to perceive it due to the phenomenon of adaptation. One way to notice if you have bad breath is to rub the tongue several times on the wrist, let it dry and smell it. This procedure can also be done with a handkerchief or a towel and smelling it after it dries.

The experts of the point out as the main treatment of halitosis the proper brushing of teeth after consuming food, flossing, brushing the tongue and using mouthwash. Drinking water constantly also helps, as dehydration encourages bad breath.