Baking soda for teeth ally or enemy

The smile is a business card that reveals people both in terms of hygiene and health. Therefore, we care about paying attention and maintaining proper oral hygiene. However, there are times that we follow practices that others recommend without first consulting a professional. Wanting to have whiter teeth may be one of the reasons, but

Badly treated caries causes serious illness

Cavities can cause rheumatoid arthritis and stomach problems. If not treated in time, decay can cause everything from the loss of teeth, to more serious diseases such as endocarditis, rheumatoid arthritis and stomach problems. The stomatology’s indicated that these secondary diseases derive from the bacteria that lodge in the deep cavities caused by caries that

Bad breath can be a symptom of some disease

Halitosis is a disease that generates a bad smell in the mouth, there is still the myth that bad breath comes from the stomach, but there are many and diverse causes, the main one is the lack of oral hygiene. Institute specialists indicate that if oral hygiene habits are adequate and the problem of bad

Avoid fear of the dentist in children

The fear of the dentist is a very common condition that can become extremely serious. It is quite usual to see this fear in adults who have internalized it since the earliest childhood. In the case of children, we can follow a series of very effective guidelines to avoid having episodes of panic before their

Autological orthodontics

Thanks to the advantages offered by modern orthodontics, treatments are increasingly faster, more efficient and simpler. These brackets have a special mechanism of closure (clip), which means that the wire does not have to be held in the slot by ligatures, rubbers or garters, making the forces that are exerted much softer than with traditional

An apple a day to show off a nice smile

Surely you have already heard that some foods are good allies of oral health, such as the apple, which helps clean teeth and show a brighter smile. Is it true? Here we tell you Recent studies indicate that, although it is not a substitute for dental floss, the apple offers some benefits: it protects the

Aloe Vera for inflamed gums

Inflammation in the gums is a very common disorder that can become quite annoying. This condition can appear in one or more of the triangular spaces that exist in the mouth between the teeth, which is known as papillae. This disorder is usually caused by gingivitis, a dental pathology, and infections by virus or fungi,

Alligators can help the natural regeneration of human teeth

Scientists are studying the natural ability of alligators to naturally regenerate their teeth, since at any time of their lives they can have 80 teeth, but they also have the production of 50 sets of replacement teeth. Researchers have evaluated that during the life of an alligator these can reach to develop more than 3,000

All about tooth whitening

The smile is one of the ways that serves to express our feelings. In addition, in a conversation the way we smile can generate different impressions in our interlocutor. How is a tooth whitening performed? This technique is constantly evolving, although Baracoa points out that the compounds that have proven their efficacy and safety for

Advantages of orthodontics in adulthood

Fortunately, a few years ago we see many adults wearing orthodontics without any complex. And its purpose deserves it. Contrary to what is thought is not so annoying or unsightly. We would even say that it has become fashionable and that it is never too late to start taking care of yourself. In addition, the