Alligators can help the natural regeneration of human teeth

Scientists are studying the natural ability of alligators to naturally regenerate their teeth, since at any time of their lives they can have 80 teeth, but they also have the production of 50 sets of replacement teeth. Researchers have evaluated that during the life of an alligator these can reach to develop more than 3,000

All about tooth whitening

The smile is one of the ways that serves to express our feelings. In addition, in a conversation the way we smile can generate different impressions in our interlocutor. How is a tooth whitening performed? This technique is constantly evolving, although Baracoa points out that the compounds that have proven their efficacy and safety for

Advantages of orthodontics in adulthood

Fortunately, a few years ago we see many adults wearing orthodontics without any complex. And its purpose deserves it. Contrary to what is thought is not so annoying or unsightly. We would even say that it has become fashionable and that it is never too late to start taking care of yourself. In addition, the

Advance of orthodontic treatment in adults

The orthodontic treatment in adults has a very different approach and approach to what orthodontics can have in children. There are differences of terminators such as that the adult has reached the end of growth, the bones no longer grow and large oral changes can occur such as loss of teeth or worse bone loss

How the fear of the dentist fades

The x-rays revealed severe caries. Nine teeth of the patient had to be treated urgently – and three of them were probably beyond salvation. An extreme case? No, but more typical for the dentition of participants in a therapy study. The roughly 70 examined dental phobic had not been to the dentist on average for

How Can Porcelain Dental Veneers Reconstruct Your Smile

People with healthy smiles like to show them, but for people with chipped, discolored or crooked teeth, smiling can be a painful experience, emotionally and physically. Fortunately, there are a lot of options to help correct dental problems, and one of the most popular for elderly patients is dental porcelain veneers. Here is explained what

Habits for a healthy smile among young people

Adolescence is a time full of changes in which it is essential to continue with the cleaning habits acquired in childhood. How to maintain a healthy smile during this stage? Receiving a good dental education during childhood is key to maintaining a healthy smile in the future. In addition, it helps prevent the development of

Go to the dentist during pregnancy

Going to the dentist before pregnancy will help you a lot to care for your mouth during pregnancy, a simple cleaning of the mouth will greatly reduce the appearance of pregnancy gingivitis. That said, it is not necessary that you get overwhelmed if you are pregnant and have not yet gone to the dentist, most