Dentures: Types and hygienic care of them

Over the years, as a result of a hygiene dental deficient, many people have to go through a dental clinic to address any illnesses that may have suffered in the teeth. Consequently, in some cases the removal of one or more teeth is required, resulting in a unsightly gaps or holes in the teeth.

Do not neglect your dental health

We often neglect our health mouth, sometimes we fear that the dentist and sometimes the lack of financial resources to assist us. Importantly, it is always cheaper to prevent than cure, as elsewhere, if we have a cavity in a tooth or molar is always easier and cheaper to fix that decay to reach the

Diet and Oral Health

Science and technology advance. The investigations are increasingly demanding as researcher’s day. Every day new discoveries are made. As far as dentistry is concerned, there are advances in dental techniques and improved materials.


To perform the self-test only takes a mirror and good lighting. The self-test should be done once a month with calm and attention. Now onwards, we will examine three regions. The face, mouth and neck.

Introduction to floss

To make the silk dental hygiene instrument used as oral tremendous experience in textile related art needed to nylon, which means that there are highly specialized professionals in their production.

What should I do after a tooth extraction?

After the removal of one or more teeth must follow a few simple tips to quickly heal the affected area. For there to be a cure without problems must form a blood clot covering the extraction area and help your feedback. Many of the tips below help expose this clot properly formed.