Introduction to floss

To make the silk dental hygiene instrument used as oral tremendous experience in textile related art needed to nylon, which means that there are highly specialized professionals in their production.

What should I do after a tooth extraction?

After the removal of one or more teeth must follow a few simple tips to quickly heal the affected area. For there to be a cure without problems must form a blood clot covering the extraction area and help your feedback. Many of the tips below help expose this clot properly formed.

What is a dental curettage?

If we ignore gingivitis and do not treat the swelling move towards the root of the tooth causing what is known as a “periodontal pocket”. In the periodontal pocket bacteria have the ideal conditions to grow and cause problems.

What does the loss of teeth?

A full mouth has thirty-two teeth, one less should not mean anything right? Barely noticeable. Nothing is further from reality, this blunder leads to too many Spaniards by a tortuous path in a few years can manifest in many different ways depending on the area of ​​your mouth where the tooth is missing.