For effective brushing

In the area of ‚Äč‚Äčoral health and prevention of sore mouths and teeth, brushing is an absolute must. How to choose your brush, small accessories and toothpaste, the essential to make this gesture more effective.

A twice daily gesture

Brushing teeth ideally, you should brush your teeth after each meal for three long minutes and of course, avoid nibbling between meals. But when you eat in the canteen or the office, it is not always easy to follow this rhythm and just try once to perform this gesture for three minutes to realize that it is almost impossible to follow these recommendations.

That’s why many more pragmatic dental surgeons set a reasonable goal today: two brushings of one minute a day in the morning after breakfast and in the evening after dinner. And that everyone should get there! The brushing thus distributed at 12 o’clock.

A little trick if you cannot brush your teeth for lunch, then chew a sugar-free chewing gum or eat an apple. Both allow to clean the teeth without depositing sugar and without getting caught in the inter-dental spaces. Avoid nibbling between meals and especially when it comes to sweet if you are subject to plaque formation.

But to brush your teeth, you still need to have a suitable equipment and respectful of your gums.

Quality material

The French are great lovers of the very hard toothbrush, but it is not respectful of the gums, and when we know that many people are suffering from periodontal diseases it is time to change the mode. To brush your teeth, choose a soft-bristled toothbrush in case of gum problems or intermediate (medium). The toothbrush should also be age-appropriate for a child and the shape of the mouth. In general, prefer small brushes that can slip everywhere.

An ergonomic or non-slip handle is a current evolution for the toothbrush that will facilitate the good gesture of brushing. Once the brushing done, it is useful to bring accessories to complete this gesture and thoroughly clean the oral cavity. Dental floss should be between the teeth if the space is small to remove any food waste and if the space is larger, consider asking your dentist a brand of interdental brushes. They exist in different sizes and shapes.

At the heart of the toothbrushes that work for you, electric toothbrushes perform the ideal rotation, without getting tired! In 2003, a report 1 analyzed more than 350 clinical trials conducted in 1964 and 2001 that showed the superiority of the electric toothbrush over manual brushing. An impressive result with a decrease in bleeding of 17% and a significant reduction of dental plaque. Today children are also entitled to their electric toothbrush, some with the effigy of their favorite hero. It’s so much more fun to brush your teeth with the princess brush than the little ones do not even bother with this gesture.

And to polish this cleaning and have a perfect hygiene, the jet of water or blower is a simple tool to use and very useful. Do not set the jet too strong, just a push to dislodge food waste without bleeding gums. To better fight against dental plaque.

A toothpaste adapted to everyone

It’s not enough to have a toothbrush, but you still have to have the appropriate toothpaste. No fluoride for toddlers, it will come later. Choose a special taste that will make brushing more fun. As you grow up you will be careful to get a fluoride toothpaste this time and specially adapted if you wear a dental appliance.

On the adult side, several factors come into play. If you have fragile gums or sensitive teeth, it will be imperative to go through a suitable toothpaste that will respect and protect your teeth and gums. There are also toothpastes adapted to the night: to slow the multiplication of bacterial agents and to help the enamel to better resist during this long period of inactivity.