Habits for a healthy smile among young people

Adolescence is a time full of changes in which it is essential to continue with the cleaning habits acquired in childhood. How to maintain a healthy smile during this stage?

Receiving a good dental education during childhood is key to maintaining a healthy smile in the future. In addition, it helps prevent the development of phobias, which in many cases delay the visits to the dentist. During adolescence, it is usual to begin treatments such as orthodontics, which require regular professional follow-up.

Keys to a healthy smile in young people

Maintaining a good dental prevention is key to avoid the development of pathologies such as dental caries. There are several healthy oral habits for young people to take care of their smile every day

Oral hygiene

Ideally, brush your teeth after every meal. But this is not always true in the adolescents’ routine. There are two key moments to achieve effective hygiene: in the morning and at night. The brushing should last a minimum of two minutes, making smooth and rotating movements. To eliminate more bacterial plaque, many experts recommend using an electric toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.

Orthodontics: the importance of interproximal hygiene

As we have mentioned, many young people wear orthodontic appliances. These devices generate plate retention areas very easily, especially metal brackets. Therefore, it is essential to insist after brushing using a routine of interproximal hygiene. In the case of brackets, the use of oral irrigator is recommended. The daily mouthwash is another great ally to prevent the remains of bacteria are embedded and damage the appliances.

Healthy and balanced diet

Young people can often maintain a diet of excess and unbalanced. This can have serious consequences at the oral level. The excess of sugar and acids is one of the main causes of caries development, tooth sensitivity … Therefore it is recommended to moderate the consumption of foods such as soft drinks, sweets and pastries. Vegetables and fruits are healthier for the smile.

Protect the smile when playing sports

The practice of sport is common in the routine of many teenagers. To prevent breakage and dental fissures, it is important to protect the smile with mouth guards. These are splints of discharge that can be of different materials and size depending on the type of sport and the needs of each patient.

Go to the dentist

Many young people are reluctant to go to the consultation unless it is necessary. It is a big mistake: through regular consultations, the main symptoms of some oral complications can be detected in time. The professionals recommend going to the dentist once every six months. It is also advisable to perform a professional dental cleaning at least once a year, to avoid tartar formation and maintain a healthier smile.