The first visit of a child to the dentist

The dentist is the professional responsible for maintaining the health and cures the disorders that we can have in the mouth and teeth. A positive attitude in parents and a visit before dental problems arise facilitate confidence and bringing the child to the consultation dental. The first visit to the dentist should be between 1 and 3 years old. Parents should not expect to detect any alteration or your child has pain, because in this visit the dentist will not only try so early but any alteration you can detect a problem that can be prevented.

It is positively a visit where the child you are not practicing any treatment because it helps this start cordial and trusting relationship with the dental professional and generally taking care of their teeth . Unlike what many parents, the first teeth, but then they are replaced by the final, should be treated when they have cavities because its infection can cause alterations in the germ of the permanent tooth underneath.

Can also occur problems for space for the permanent teeth as premature loss means that there is a gap in the gum longer than necessary, so that the teeth can move and occupy neighboring leaving no space future permanent tooth to erupt. From the first visit should bring the child to reviews twice a year.

In the first visit to the dental clinic the parents must accompany the child and be present during it. Normally, when the dentist asks the child to do something, it looks around the approval of their parents and the child’s response difficult. Therefore, in successive visits, parents should not move to the area of the dental chair so that the dentist can establish a direct relationship with the child, which will facilitate the child’s responses in the dental office.

For the child does not feel abandoned, it is good strategy to let the mother or cloth bag in view of the small which guarantees that the mother is waiting outside. If despite this the child cries parents should not worry because it is a normal reaction to the unknown. The dentist will know how to appease this behavior and make the child do not panic.

Many children cry to demand the presence of parents, do not enter the office, and let the professional handle the situation. We know that if It requires our presence dentist will tell us. If the child misbehaves we reward their attitude to reinforce this behavior. Otherwise it is not recommended punishing as this would increase the negative feeling that the child has with the dental visit.

The importance the attitude of the parents, the attitude and comments from parents before going to the dentist are quickly captured by children. Therefore parents have a great responsibility in the child image becomes his first visit to the dentist. The first contact with the dentist is very important to the future attitude of the child because it will affect its behavior in successive visits to the dental office. There is a specialty called Dentistry, so you should always seek professional dental health to meet your children.