The first visit to the dentist

During the child’s growth, control since childhood and regularly can ensure healthy teeth for life.

A proper dental care should begin even before the first tooth appears. Remember that you cannot see the child’s teeth do not mean they are not there. In fact the teeth are formed in the first trimester but appear only during the first year of life. Grooming the child’s teeth should begin from the eruption, around 6-9 months.

Dentists recommend that the first dental visit is from the first year of life. In it you can detect possible dental problems and explain to the child while entertaining and simple way how to care and clean his teeth.

Then about two and a half years, when they have already appeared every child’s teeth, applying fluoride in the teeth of children is recommended. This helps harden tooth enamel and protect against cavities.

As important as the visit to the dentist is to teach your child to brush their teeth at least twice daily with a brush and water, Then, during the child’s growth and has four years when you can start using child tooth paste, 400 or 500 ppm fluoride, ideally one with a pleasant taste to children and in small quantity.

It is also important to know that the teeth are as important as permanent teeth and must be treated in case of decay because its infection can alter the growth of the teeth underneath.   Finally, from the first visit to the dentist for your child, it is advisable to carry it reviews once or twice a year.

Growing child

Tips for first teeth of the child:

After tooth eruption, caution should be exercised with the night nursing can contribute to early decay.

  • If your child has a habit of finger sucking (thumb sucking), try to substitute pacifier without smear with sweeteners, avoiding overuse and remove it while sleeping.
  • The pacifier NOT is sucked by adults, as this favors the transmission of cariogenic flora.
  • Start brushing from tooth eruption (6-9 months), without pasta, with a soft brush or coronet.
  • After the year should not be offered nightly bottle; if necessary for medical reasons, you wash your child’s teeth after consumption.
  • At 2 years must be removed the bottle and start using cup or glass. – Three years should be deleted pacifier entertainment.
  • At 4 years, you can use fresh toothpaste, in small quantities, with brushed supervised by adults.
  • After 6 years can use fluoridated toothpaste with 1000-1500 ppm of fluoride